Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hooray! It's Spring!

The weeping willow across the street.

Catkins on the Harry Lauter's Walking Stick.

The camellia is about to shed her last blossoms, but she is still a sight!

A vinca minor that is purple and not "periwinkle blue".

I know. It can be a bully and is not a native plant here. Many will not grow it, but I can't resist. It makes such a lovely ground cover for the spring flowers and brings color to the shade garden.

Our Thunder Cloud plum tree. It didn't bloom last year at all, so was delighted that it came out fully this year. The rain last night and all the wind have stripped way too many petals already.


  1. You have a Harry Lauder? Don't tell GG, she'll start bugging me all over again. And we don't have the ROOM. But I'm glad you do.

    Our plum in tight bud. How many hours away are you and how much warmer than us do you think?

    xo Jane

  2. I also have vinca. I do try to keep it in check though.
    Happy spring! Let the digging begin!

  3. Jane,

    We're only 90 miles south - less than 2 hours. It hardly seems like it would matter, but I guess a little. There is a climatic line just south of Fredericksburg that does seem to make a difference - the storms tend to go north of it, so that may make us a little bit warmer and have a bit less snow in the winters. It seems like we are a week ahead of you.

    GG can come visit the Harry Lauter anytime. It's Mitchell's favorite thing. He thinks I'm going to let him cut a branch for a walking stick. Dreamer!


  4. Your spring is certainly a lot further ahead than ours here in the desert. Some of the fruit trees are leafing out, as is the ash, but the mesquites are in tight bud, or no bud, and I doubt that any cactus will bloom this year.

    Great to see some lovely flowers.