Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ah! Refreshed!

It's amazing what just a couple of hours outside and in the garden will do for the spirits! Managed to move a few small things to do some re-design around our deck steps, but even a little bit of digging dirt made me so calm and relaxed.

The dianthus is the star of the garden right now. Its spicy fragrance is not as awesome as lilacs or some of the peonies, but it's nice to have inside, too. Hope you are having a lovely day.


  1. Ah, the power of dirt!

    Can I have some of those dianthus? Please?

  2. I so enjoyed my time in the garden yesterday, it really is very therapeutic. My grandmother had a beautiful Dianthus in her garden, just like yours,..sweet childhood memories.

  3. Anneke, if you think they will ship, I'll divide them in the fall. They will need it by then.... I'm serious.

    Sherri, one of the things I love about carnations is that they are so old-fashioned, and so modern at the same time. Glad these reminded you of your grandmother. What would we do without those memories?

  4. I can smell them from here! delicious.

    I was a kitchen captive yesterday and missed a beautiful day to garden....but it was worth it.


    xo jane

  5. But, Jane. what a wonderful reason to be locked in the kitchen! Happy, Happy! xoxo