Monday, February 20, 2012

A Perfect Storm

It's the perfect snow - three inches of heavy, wet, vanilla ice cream but only on the grass!  The roads are mostly clear with only half an inch or so of slushy ice in the shady spots.

The sun was golden as it came over the rooftops early this morning, but as soon as it was really light the snow started to melt. It's nothing like the snowfall that started this whole blogging thing.

Mother Nature rocks!


  1. It does look perfect and wintry :)

  2. How gorgeous! And the best kind of snow: here for a very short while, gone before you know it. It is desert-type snow!

    Mom does rock.

  3. Sara Louise, there is no way our winter can hold a candle to yours! Hope you are headed for warmer weather now, too.

    Anneke, i would love to see your desert with snow. Well, actually I would just love to see it. period. hope you are well.