Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Workday

Fun, fun this week!  Last year we re-did the floors in the great room.  That required us to re-do the kitchen counter tops and finally repaint.  This year ... I got new pull-out shelves!

My shelves looked just like everyone else's - too much, too crowded.
Then the nice man came with a truck full of shelves ... just for me.
It took him a whole day, but when he left I had lots of great looking shelves and I can pull them out to get to the back of every single one!
And, now it's all nicely re-stowed - room for everything...
and even a bit of space left over.  Wonder what I need to get to fill those holes?


  1. It is the only way to store stuff, especially in the kitchen. Our builder moaned for days when I wanted all full-extention pullouts (I had had my eye on them for years), but they are so worth it! Yours look great!

    Oh my, you have vases! Ready for the cutting garden!

  2. Vases, indeed! Mitchell keeps nagging me to get rid of them - no way, Jose!

    I love the pull outs, altho I can't find anything right now. i think in a couple of days all will be well, but it is definitely the way to go. Boo, builder!

  3. I am mad with jealousy over your beautiful pull-out shelving!! Someday, when we are at the townhouse for more than 2 days, we will install them in the kitchen. I wish it had already come equipped. Mama Virgo finished her massive kitchen reno last October and went all out with the pull-out shelves. I have to wipe my drool off of them all the time. I'm sure you can find something to fill those holes. Neal just bought me a pizza cooker...which does the exact same thing as an oven...I guess in case we ever find ourselves without an oven but with an electric socket. ;-D

  4. Love the pull-out shelves! I definitely need some of those.