Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time Goes By


 I'm just sitting around watching my hyacinth open ... and hoping we don't get more than three inches of the white stuff.


  1. But if you have more than a dusting, I know you are ready with plenty to read close at hand. Enjoy! Hugs, Bonnie

  2. Ai yi yi. our roommate just come back from Raleigh and he said "It's really snowing in Richmond".

    So I've heard I told him, :-)

    Not a flake here yet but krazy kat is marching back and forth back and forth from bedroom to kitchen so I know something's up!

    Off to gym.
    xo Jane

  3. Whoa.. Snow. EVERYONE in KY is so bummed that they didn't get a lick of the 8' that was predicted. Looks like it skirted around them and hit y'all a bit. I, however, do not mind missing it totally. It rained ALL weekend here, but temps are hanging out around the mid-60's and these bushes in the backyard that bloom without any help from me are pushing out flowers faster than I can photograph them. I'm sending sun and 70's your way so you can have more blooms and less below freezing!

  4. Ah, the hyacinth fragrance does mean spring, even if it's just indoors. It doesn't matter what's happening outside. I will have to read the next post to see how much snow you got.