Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mothers...
and, all the grandmothers and aunts, 

and, especially to all the mothers-to-be.
 And, special good wishes to my sister-in-law, who added three wonderful children to our family and whose lovely daughter graduated from college yesterday!  Hotty totty!


  1. Do we have an Ole' Miss grad? Both my daughter and son-in-law are Rebel alum. We love the grove! I hope you are have a grand day. Bonnie

    1. We do have an Ole' Miss grad. When she first chose to go there I was horrified. She was rather serious and quiet and I feared that a big time southern college would eat her up and spit her out. But she joined a great sorority (not mine, of course!) and has flourished. I am so proud of her and can't wait to see what her next steps are. Never got down there to see her - it's quite a hike from here - but am so pleased that it worked out so well.

  2. Look at your peonies.

    Rain coming!

    xo Jane

  3. WAHOO for college graduation!! Although we may have to convince your future family members to attend UK..because it's the BEST! ;) Congratulations to your new graduate and now the fun begins. And Everett just kicked a thank you for the pretty flowers. Do NOT tell Neal this but I like yours better than the ones he brought home from Kroger yesterday morning. I give him a lot of credit for trying, though.

  4. Hello Webb darlin, been meaning to write you to tell you how much I appreciate your comments and continued support. Hope you had a lovely Mothers day. I'll be seeing you.