Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Workday

As warm as it's been since early April, I could have - perhaps should have - started on my containers a lot sooner.  But, there is a piece of me that has kept saying "it's too early - we could still get a night that's too cold."
But Saturday I finally journeyed to the local garden center (not a big blue or orange box altho I know they get a lot of their plants from the big national growers) and loaded up on annuals and bedding plants for the pots.
While I don't have a real potting bench, I have created a good potting space behind the garden shed where the two big storage bins are just the right height, and all I have to bring in is the water.
I finally realized that if you get all the pieces parts assembled and ready to go, putting together the actual groupings is pretty easy.  This year, I added a large new pot.  In its last life it was the keeper for a hose, but it just never really worked very well, so I drilled some extra holes in the bottom and added about a zillion cubic feet of potting mix and voila!
Sunday really was the first day that I've spent the entire day in the garden - cutting, weeding, digging, watering, the whole nine yards.  It felt great!


  1. Everything will look established before you know it. I still have a few things needing to be potted; the last weeks of schools consume all my time. Hope you are have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  2. I hope you'll show us what these look like in a month or two.
    I haven't been so good about watering my outdoor containers, so I don't think I'm going to do them this year. I love the way they look though.