Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Cheer

Another in our series of alternative placements ...
Altho it's a simple green wreath, it is LARGE and at has tiny white lights for night time.  It's the location that was interesting to me ...

The "upper structure" of this deck is only in the front and is used for hanging baskets during the growing season, but makes a great place to support this wreath.  Interestingly, the house itself has no decoration at all.

Was pleased to have an email this morning from a reader of these silly posts.  She sent me a photo of her own wreath which is hung at the front ranch gate - think the Lazy Z in some old western flick.  It looks great, but she said it was just for me to enjoy.  Anyone else what to share for group consumption?

The bad news is that I have found enough new wreaths to go to daily posts for the rest of the month!


  1. I think this wreath is probably at its best at night when it is lit and suspended in space?

    1. I agree. it looks a bit skimpy during the day.

  2. I always hang a wreath on my front door, and also on the driveway gate. I love wreaths. I am enjoys your series of posts. Hugs, Bonnie