Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Season

This week's lessons will be on placement.  

I've mentioned that we put our wreath on the side of the house because our doors are steel (no nails!) and our storm doors don't work well (ok, they don't close - sort of defeats the purpose!) with wreath hangers.  In looking for pretty wreaths to share I have realized that other people hang their very effectively in "other" places, so this whole week we will explore some of those possibilities. 

I love the brightly colored balls on this one, but ...
even more, I like the way it is displayed.
Just wish it had a bow!


  1. I love it just like it is. And a bow would probably get beaten up pretty badly by the weather with no overhead protection.

    Just sayin...

    xo J

  2. Mm, bow or no bow, I think it looks great. On second thought, yes, a bow would be nice.