Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Time

Doing my "research" for this project has encouraged me to carry my camera all the time - something I know many of you already do ... or you have figured out how to take good photos with your phones and how to transfer them.  [Ok, so i haven't really tried all that hard!]

Today's lesson is fun.
All - well, most - of you can visit this wreath, too.  No matter where you live.

You will find it in your local Starbucks coffee shop.  It's some sort of artificial leaves - they feel "preserved" some how - with a few bright ornaments and a simple bow.  Somewhat classy commercialism!

This one's for Sara in LPV.


  1. I know it is pure commercialism, but I find stuff displayed at Starbucks always tempting. This wreath is spectacular.

  2. I like the wreath but I just can't inagine it in my home. There is definitly a difference between commercial and residential styles.

  3. You are both so right, and why or why must they put Christmas decorations up in October? Extra points to Starbucks for holding off until Thanksgiving!

  4. Starbucks is always a cheery & happy place to visit and the friendly, well-trained staff members help make it so. You will enjoy carrying your camera, in
    whatever form, with you all the time, I bet. Recently while out for a walk up on the Highline Canal Trail near my home, I didnt have my I-ph with me &
    missed a great shot of a very large, bushy-tailed coyote!

    1. Oops, forgot to sign off,
      Diane in Denver
      where the temps are due to hit 58-60 today, yay!

    2. What is it about Denver? You all were under a foot of snow less than a week ago - we have a friend there whom we track weatherwise - and now 60's? Can't complain tho, they are headed our way for the weekend. Sounds like quite a trail. You are lucky to have it nearby.