Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Time

Today's lesson is Tradition.
This wreath is a great example of a slightly modern twist on Colonial America.  This wreath could easily be in Colonial Williamsburg - you see many of these in Richmond and probably all over the states that trace their history to that period.  It is perfectly matched to the plank shutters.

It's a form of della robia wreath, like my Mother always made.  This one has apples, oranges and many, many berries. Mother always bought a boxwood wreath and then added kumquats and berries by sewing them to the wreath.  It was quite a production, but lovely.
 It goes beautifully with the della robia "fan" above the door, which is even more colonial.  It has the pineapple at the center, which is traditional and shows a bit more greenery.  If we were being picky - and we are not! - we would want more green showing in the wreaths.

With a wreath in both windows and the door fan, this cottage is perfectly dressed for the holidays.


  1. How lovely! And very "back East" to me.

  2. Love this and so glad I didn't have to put it together!

    More please.

    xo j