Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Time

It's been a fun week looking for good wreaths, and I have learned a lot.
First, lots of people use a plain green artificial wreath with just a ribbon.  They are pretty, but not what I am looking for this month. 

I have nothing against artificial wreaths at all!  We keep them up way too long for fresh greenery to look really nice, so it's a choice - go natural and put it up later and take it down sooner, or go artificial and enjoy it for three months.  I joined the artificial crowd years ago.

Secondly, lots of people [apparently] give little or no thought to how the wreath looks on their door.  Contrast, folks.  You need contrast if you want it to look really nice from the street.
This wreath is a good example of the latter.  It's on a chocolate brown door.  It caught my eye as I was driving by.  When I got close enough, I could see that there is lots of red and gold that make it pop out from the brown background - even thru a glass storm door.

I am finding it difficult to get good photos, tho.  Don't feel comfortable tromping into the yards of strangers [especially with the alarm company sign right next to my objective!], and clearly my telephoto isn't powerful enough to get really good images from the sidewalk.

Today's lesson = contrast!


  1. Dear Webb,
    Long-time lurker, 1st time poster here. I'm enjoying your new wreath series and wish you luck finding suitable subjects. Have you thought about looking at the doors of small gift, book and/or antiques stores? And Episcopal churches, especially the stone Gothic ones with the red doors? Just a thought. In New England, btw, they go in for wreaths in a huge way! (no surprise...)
    Keep up your search and please keep posting.
    Diane in Denver
    (from Jane's SBC blog)

    1. Diane, nice to meet you. My bad ... haven't looked at comments all week. Why do my bosses think that i should work this time of year?

      Love your Episcopal church idea - there's one close which I will check out soon. You can't go wrong with a red door!

  2. Great point! Not sure I would have thought of that (having a white door :-))