Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Time

Inside our front door you will find this wreath. 
Several years ago, i saw the idea of an indoor wreath in a magazine and loved the idea.
This is just red berries on a grapevine base, but against the white door it brings a nice pop of color to the living room.  And, i'm thinking of going with more "natural" decorations this year ... maybe.


  1. That's a great looking wreath. I'm guessing if it were outside the birds would make short order of it.

  2. Festive! A nice change from evergreen. I have tried to do a native wreath from desert materials, but I cannot make it look good. Need some lessons from Jane.

    One year I made a wreath from prickly pear pads, and that came out ok, just felt bad about pinching pads and making my horse carry them home in saddlebags. Buggsy is such a good sport ...