Monday, April 2, 2012

An Adventure This Way Comes!

Remember last summer when we celebrated Mitchell's birthday?  Great party, lots of friends, but someone was missing.  Mitchell's best friend James lives in Albuquerque and was not able to join us.  He and his wife Vandi came a few months later for a brief visit and to bring a "little gift" to Mitchell.

Little gift, my eye!  Tickets for three performances at the Metropolitan Opera - you know, the one in New York City!

We are off on the train Thursday morning to NYC to see three great opera stars in three great operas and Porgy and Bess on Broadway.  Be still my heart.

I plan on walking Central Park and finding all the blooming trees and flowers in the City, and a museum or two, and a New York deli, and I don't know what else.  Camera is already packed and ready to go.

Fortunately, Vivienne has recently been posting a series of ideas for what clothing to pack for a week in Paris.  Paris, New York - pretty much the same things, don't you think?  I found lots of good ideas on how to mix and match and should be able to do this long weekend easily, moving from daytime sightseeing to evening performances, and without carrying everything I own.

More to come over the weekend!


  1. One should cultivate friendships like these :-). What a fabulous gift! Do tell what you see and hear.

    I love NYC, though I have been there only twice. After much yeah-yeahing when hearing its virtues extolled, I was invited for a weekend at the end of a business meeting where I was entertained by "true New Yorkers" (our supplier). It was a weekend I will not forget. It did not include the Met, or museums, but it was fabulous. I still remember the bag of warm bagels for my journey back to the west coast.

    Have a great time!

  2. Sounds absolutely divine. I hope you have the most wonderful time. Little black dress....leggings for daytime....pearls and cardigan for night. Oh, I am so envious!!!!

  3. If you have time for a little lunch - maybe Friday? But I know you'll be very busy.

  4. This sounds AMAZING!!! I love NYC and had the most incredible visit when I was there last June. I did post all about my trip over at 400 Wake-ups. Also, dressing for Paris and is pretty much the same as dressing for NY. When we went to Paris, I took dark jeans, nice comfortable shoes, a mix of cardigans in neutral colors, a mix of undershirts in neutral colors, and an array of scarves to tie it all together. Although Americans (even in NYC) are less dressed up than Europeans so if you go by Parisian standards, you'll never look sloppy. I can't WAIT to hear about this trip!!

  5. Please make time for the Highline. It's amazing.