Saturday, April 7, 2012

NYC Adventure - Day 2

 What can I say?  It's been everything I wanted and even more!

Spent Friday morning in Central Park, of course.  (That is part of the deal ... opera for him, flora for me.  Of course, I am getting the better part of the deal since I love opera, too!)
Skaters, bikers, pedi-cabs, horse-drawn carriages, walkers, dogs, children, seniors (both kinds), vendors, street performers, and anyone else you  might want, were all piled into the Park enjoying the sun.  Tulips, fruit trees and the first azaleas all in bloom, and the rest of the trees with that first bit of pale yellow green that tells you that actual leaves will follow soon.  In some ways it's my favorite color of spring - the color of promise!

We walked several hours and then met the lovely Marie (66 Square Feet) for lunch at Cafe Fiorello's - a wonderful Italian antipasto bar and restaurant.  Good food, great conversation, and a bit of prosecco - shat more could a girl want?   Marie is even more engaging in person than on blogland - we talked so much that sadly no photos were taken.  We so appreciated her taking the time to spend with us, as well as her generosity.  It was a great lunch and an even better time!
The disappointment of the day was getting cancelled from our walking tour of Lincoln Center.  We had a reservation for 4:30, but when we arrived the tour was "full".  Apparently someone else brought more people than they had made reservations for, so they got our places.  We were disappointed, but by then had been on our feet for about 7 hours and were happy to go back to the hotel for a little rest.

We then got last minute reservations for dinner at the Met dining room - which was also wonderful.  The food was great and the view even better. 

We were concerned that La Traviata might not be up to our expectations, because the soprano was ill.  But her replacement was quite good, and as a special surprise ... we had forgotten that Dmitri Horovostofsky was singing the baritone role.  He was in fine voice and we had a wonderful time.

Today's plan:

8:30 - Highline Park - our foray into the subway.  Marie gave us excellent directions and we have checked maps.  This is an above ground garden on the east side of Manhattan that I have wanted to see.

10:30 - brunch

12:00 - Manon at the Met.  Russian soprano Anna Nebrebko stars as the other fallen woman in French literature, Manon Lescaut.  This is a new production.  If you hurry, you can see it at an HD movie theater near you!  Look for us in the second balcony, stage right.   We shall wave.

6:00 - dinner somewhere

8:00 - Porgy and Bess on Broadway.   Audra MacDonald stars with Norm Lewis at the Richard Rodgers Theater.


  1. It all sounds wonderful! I am enjoying your pictures. So glad you are having the best time. Bonnie

  2. We're still in Naples, but if you come visit us up north this summer, we'll try the walking tour of Lincoln Center. As my beloved said "We haven't even done that. Rockefeller Center, yes. Lincoln Center, no." Have a wonderful time. Love, E.

  3. I hope you found the High Line Ok, 'cos it's on the west side of Manhattan :-) It was lovely to meet you and Mitchell at last! Sorry about your tour - stupid people - but good about dinner and the Russian baritone. He's great.

  4. I would say this is an action packed weekend. Looks like you are having great weather too. Enjoy it all!

  5. What a trip - OOH, going green with envy!;)

    Is that the High Line planted by Piet Oudolf, my planting design guru?

    All sounds amazing - like you are mainlining culture!

    Happy Easter Webb, Belinda x

  6. Hi Webb, All sounds sunny and fun and oh yes, cultural.

    I would insist on some shopping and many cups of coffee.

    Waiting your view of the High Line, On what ever side of town you found it:-)

    xo Jane

  7. Thank you, all. Exhausted, pooped, and just plain tired today. Will either sleep or read all day home on the train. Gathering strength at Penn Station now. later!

  8. *ahem* I told you that you would love Central Park. ;-D There are so many different kinds of people everywhere, all the time. Plus, I forgot that NYC is in bloom right now. We just finished our blooming season, but they are, of course, much more north. What a perfect time to go! Can't wait to hear about the second garden you went to. I've never heard of it, but if it lived up to your expectations, I'll check it out the next time we're in NY. We're planning a trip to do "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" up there. SOOOO excited to eat my way through the city. ;)
    Welcome home.

  9. Oh Webb you stopped showing up on my blog roll so I came looking for you and now I am just so green with envy!!! La Traviata is absolutely my very favourite opera and I play the overture whenever I am spring cleaning!!!!!! J.