Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday Workday - This and That

It's that time when there is always something opening, and something that needs to be done.

You remember Magnolia 'Rose Marie' from last year, don't you?  She tried hard to bloom, but came too early for the season and the late cold caught her.
April 5, 2011
When I bought it from the botanical garden four or five years ago, the volunteer told me that it was his favorite of the hybrid magnolias.  If I can ever get her large enough to have more than one flower, I will agree with him.   This year she came equally early, but the early spring gave her a chance and she looked like this:
March 27, 2012
Can you imagine a whole tree of these?

When we got home from our weekend away I found a mystery plant blooming.  Am fairly sure it's a poppy (from the flower), but it has slightly unusual foliage and I didn't plant it.  I have been thinking that it was a volunteer artemesia, until it bloomed.   The buds are nearly red, but as it opens it turns shades of orange.  It's really lovely, tho.
Last week my tulips started to bloom just as we went out of town.  I didn't want to miss them all, so cut them early Wednesday morning and followed Jane's instructions for trying to hold them over in the refrigerator.  Wrapped in newspaper to support the blooms and deep in water, I kept them in the front of the 'fridge and Sunday night when we got home they were in good shape.  They are slowly opening and a pretty - perhaps not as fresh as they would have been a week ago, but better than all bloomed out in the garden. Thanks for the help, Jane.

The hard work this week was planting some astrantia, some dahlias and more scabiosa seeds in the cutting garden. I even had to water the whole garden today - on April 3rd!  Perhaps next week I can get the rest of the seeds planted.  One can hope!


  1. WOW! WHAT a stunning color with your tulips! We have a poppy that color. Our friend Hildegard, who owns Tewksbury nursery down south jersey found them. She had an interesting story as to how she found them. She was on a main highway in the Carolinas, saw that vibrant splash of color on the side of a house, and almost had a ten car pile-up accident as she came to a screeching halt, got out of the car, and rang the doorbell, asking for a piece of the plant! What we will do for something that catches your eyes, huh??! So impressed with your garden! Keep up the great work! Peace and blooms, Frankie

  2. An addendum.....I meant the beautiful color on your poppy! It appears in pictures the vibrant color which Hildegard gave us...which is a poppy! Also, if you or your readers/followers wish to view Hildegard's magnificent Nursery, go to her e-mail address which is.... will see amazing beauty this dear woman has placed in this world with all kinds of plants, shrubs and orchids. I try to make it down to her Nurseries every Spring. The grounds are so lush and peaceful. I believe she has tulips posted in her pictures right now!
    Okay...thanks for listening! Frankie

    1. thanks for the tip about Hildegard - I love a good nursery almost any time, and will keep it in mind the next time we head north for a couple of days. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I agree with Frankie on your mystery flower. It kind of looks like a (what we call here) California poppy. Kind of difficult to tell how tall it is, but that's what blooming here in the wild all over the place. It has the same foliage and is very low growing, probably because they get less water here. Ours are vibrant yellow however, with an orange heart.

    Love the tulips too, and Rose Marie. Does she have fragrance?

  4. I am a freak for magnolia trees...ahem...obviously...(Magnolias & Mimosas) and I simply can't imagine a whole tree of pink ones! Be still my beating heart!! As for your mystery flower...I got nothin'. If it isn't a rose or a daisy, I'm pretty clueless. Great color, though.

  5. I love all the beautiful blooms. My tulip magnolia bloomed for the first time this year. They are most definitely my favorites. Bonnie

  6. I just love the way they have hybridized magnolias to different colors - especially this deep pink one. This one is supposed to be semi-dwarf - 10-15 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide at maturity.

    Anneke, the plant is indeed a low growing mounding one - about 10 - 12 inches in both directions, with very wispy foliage.