Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday - The Adventure Starts

Mani - pedi - check!

Haircut - check!

Facial - check!  (I know that was decadent, but I got it on Living Social, and Thomas Hampson may want me to come back stage tonight.)

Suitcase packed - check!

Stop at Starbucks for fuel - check!

Apparently we are actually ready to go.  The rest of the day looks like this ....

8:00 a.m. - Catch the train.  Amtrak 85 headed north.

Two  hours to D.C. where we stop to change engines.  Should be time enough to go into the station and pick up lunch - instead of hot dogs and hamburgers in the club car.  This part of the trip is an old friend - we do it a couple of times a year to spend the weekend in D.C.

Then on north.  One more hour to Baltimore, and then into new territory.  You do know about the "quiet car", don't you?

2:00 p.m. - Arrive at Penn Station in NYC. Now is the time to admit that the last time I was in NYC was spring break ... in the 8th grade! Yeah. I know. Mitchell went to college in Princeton, NJ and ran in to the "old" Met several evenings a week during the season, so NYC has not held much charm for him, while I have been dying to visit. Now's my chance!

8:00 p.m. - Curtain up at The Met!  Thomas Hampson is singing MacBeth for me.  Well, I guess for everyone else, too.   Pictures tomorrow.

P.S.:  thanks for all your encouragement and suggestions.  This is going to be fun!


  1. I love Shakespeare! King Lear was my first production to see. MacBeth was my first to study. I have seen it on stage several times since. I don't believe anyone can ever see a Shakespeare play too many times. Enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

    p.s. okay I will go on and admit it....I'm a little envious. So sorry!

  2. Wowzas! Have the most amazing time, sounds very romantic! xx

  3. Oh the anticipation ..., almost as good as the real thing!

    I used to love to travel by train, but out west here it is not the way too go. Our nearest train station is 30 minutes away, but The Train arrives/leaves at 3:00 am.

    Hope you had a wonderful time last night at the Met.